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Two Rye authors write a book to empower teenage girls LoHud.com, New York's Lower Hudson Valley


"Fun and easy to read, girls of any age can benefit from Monaghan and Wolfe’s direction. Click! even includes a daily journal to help you achieve what you’ve been wishing for," The Compulsive Reader. Read the entire review.


“This is a book that no teenage girl should be without. It's never too early for girls to learn how to take control of their destiny.”


“I couldn't put the book down...and ordered 3 copies for friends! The world would be filled with happier people if everyone would read this book and follow its advice! Buy this book, and look forward to changing your life!”


“I wish I had this book at thirteen! What a beautiful and creative way to inspire girls to KNOW they can do, be, and have all they want. I baby sit for a thirteen year-old girl (and I'm talking about a ‘hip’ teenager) who was glued to it, and then I picked it up and couldn't put it down! Even in my mid-20's, I could certainly adopt these brilliant approaches to making the most out of my life, and I promise you'll laugh all the way through. It's refreshing to know there's material out there that attracts young girls who truly want to get the most out of life. Thanks to Click!, they now can! I think Monaghan and Wolfe need to write Click! the mid-20's guide to getting what you want!”


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