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What is Click! The Girl's Guide to Knowing What You Want and Making It Happen?
Click! is a new book for teen girls that helps them to recognize and realize their goals, stop complaining about what's not happening, and start thinking positively about their lives and futures.

Who are Annabel Monaghan and Elisabeth Wolfe?
Elisabeth Wolfe and Annabel Monaghan are the authors of Click! The Girl's Guide to Knowing What You Want and Making It Happen. The two women struck up a friendship when they were stuck selling raffle tickets together at their children's school. What started as an amazing conversation about everything from the benefits of positive thinking to stories of their teen years evolved into a joint calling. 

Elisabeth and Annabel spent the next year working together to develop a guide that would help teenage girls recognize and realize goals through the power of positive thought and visualization.

What makes Annabel and Elisabeth experts on the topic of teen girls?
Well, for one, they both happened to be teen girls not too long ago. And, quite frankly, regardless of what the kids are wearing or listening to, the kinds of challenges teen girls face do not differ that much from one generation to the next.  

From dating and being “popular” to figuring out what you want to do with your future, teens today are confronted with the same questions and dilemmas as teens two decades ago.

Annabel and Elisabeth simply looked back on their experiences as teenagers and examined the way they dealt with life. What they discovered was that, even as young girls, both women applied the techniques of positive energy and visualization to help them achieve their goals.

What inspired Annabel and Elisabeth to write this book?
“This is the book we wished we had when we were younger,” said Annabel. The two friends wrote Click! because they wanted to empower teenage girls and give them the tools to make a great life happen. They noticed that so many people (teens and adults alike) have a tendency to become stuck in bad situations and then complain about them at length.  

“There is so much emphasis placed on what’s wrong or what’s missing in our lives,” said Elisabeth. “This habit of complaining keeps people stuck.”


The book helps girls understand that making a great life happen isn’t that hard. Using the tools and techniques provided, girls can get where they want NOW, rather than later.

What is the "Focus Factor"?
The Focus Factor is really simple. Our thoughts have energy, and whatever we focus our energy on is what we get. Obsessing about how awful you are at math won’t make studying very pleasant or productive. Your energy is not in a good place to make an “A” happen. Complaining about how you’ll never make the tennis team will keep you where you are. Focusing on how much you love to play tennis and how great it would feel to make the team will get your energy in the right place to help make it happen.

What is an "Evite," as it's used in the book?
Our energy works just like an e-vite to the universe. We invite exactly what our energy is focused on. The catch is that the universe doesn’t know positive from negative; it always RSVPs “yes.” This means we must focus on positive things, rather than negative things.  

If you spend a lot of time thinking about how no guys will ever like you, well, that’s an e-vite. The universe’s RSVP is “yes.” But - if you focus your energy on how great it would feel to have a guy like you and you can really imagine it and get excited about it, that’s an e-vite, too. The RSVP will always be “yes,” so be careful where you are focusing!

What is the most common thing girls do that keeps them from getting want they want in life?
It’s not just girls; it’s guys and old ladies, alike. The number one thing we all do that keeps us stuck where we are is complaining. Once you start that habit of hanging with the evil stepsisters, who Annabel and Elisabeth fondly refer to as “Bitching” and “Moaning,” you end up focusing all of your energy on your big butt, your tragic wardrobe, or your lame parents.  

We complain about things without even realizing it. Take some time to pay attention to the number of complaints you hear (or make) in one day. You’ll see – it’s an epidemic!

Where can people buy Click!?
Click! is available online at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Borders, Powell’s, Waldenbooks, Wal-Mart Online, and SimonSays.com (Web site for Simon & Schuster). You can also find it in book stores. Retail price is $12.99. Click here for details.

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