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Annabel Monaghan and Elisabeth Wolfe have taken all the wisdom they've gained since their teen years to create a guide for girls today. As they put it in the foreward to Click!:

"Like a good friend with some helpful 411, we'd like to tell you what you need to know when you need to know it. We don't have all the answers, but what we can pass along might be just enough to get you thinking in a slightly different way. Are you ready? Let's change the rules and amend the bylaws to lower the age of initiation. As of right now, you're in. You're our first pledge class. Welcome!"

Consider the story ideas below, or contact us with a specific request.

Bitch, bitch, bitch… A recent study published in Developmental Psychology and released by the University of Missouri, Columbia, found that teenage girls who vented to each other about their problems, from boy trouble to social slights, were more likely to develop depression and anxiety.


Spend one day being present to the number of times you complain. You’ll be surprised to see how much you really bitch about things. Now pay attention to the complainers around you – your friends, family, spouse, the guy on the other side of the gas pump – and you’ll see what Annabel and Elisabeth mean by banishing the evil stepsisters of “Bitching & Moaning.” Complaining is what keeps us stuck in present, unpleasant situations – from a job you hate to what seems to be perpetual “singlehood.” The Click! authors can discuss their approach to complaining and how much of an impact it has on being able to get what you want in life. 


Gossip Girls: Sometimes it seems as though, when we’re not complaining, we’re gossiping. No, it’s not a mortal sin, but it certainly isn’t a positive habit. Gossip is a plague in middle and high schools, especially among girls. Annabel and Elisabeth talk about gossip in Click! and can offer some insight on why gossip is another bad habit we all do that keeps us from reaching positive goals. Plus, there’s the whole Karma thing.


Clicking “send” on life: The theme of Click! is that girls (anyone, really) can get what they want in life by visualizing their goals and clicking “send.” According to Annabel and Elisabeth – who practiced the “click” method as teenagers themselves (long before the Internet) – what you put out there is what you get back. It’s a hipper way to describe the law of attraction that really “clicks” with teens.


Copping a ‘tude. If there was one word to describe teenagers, it could be “attitude.” But that’s not the ‘tude Annabel and Elisabeth discuss in Click! They’re talking about gratitude. They can offer tips to teens (and parents) on the importance of recognizing the good things in life. Instead of wailing, “why me????” when you don’t make the team or are embarrassed in front of the cute guy you like, take a moment to recognize the bright side of a situation. Negative energy turns positive, and your heart, your ego, your feelings, and so on are on the fast track to healing.


Victimville, Blamingham, E-vites, and the Focus Factor: Click! speaks to teens in the language they understand. Annabel and Elisabeth can define the lingo they created for Click! and explain why it works so well when communicating with teenagers.


The universe always RSVPs “yes.” This is a key component of positive thought and visualization. Whether you’re sending out a negative message or a positive one, the universe always says “yes.” Annabel and Elisabeth explain how this pertains to getting what you want in life.  


The shared “hell” of being a teenage girl. Get a group of women together, and the one topic they can all relate to is what they went through as a teen girl – from the “in group” to boys, we’ve all visited the purgatory of middle school and the hell of high school. It doesn’t matter if you were the most popular girl in school or a shrinking violet; every woman has a story to share and wisdom to bestow on their daughters, nieces, and little sisters. Annabel and Elisabeth harnessed their experiences to write Click! and can offer some of their own stories and explain why women should share theirs, too.  


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