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Suggested Interview Questions for Annabel and Elisabeth

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1.       What inspired you to write this book?

2.       What is the message you’re trying to send with this book?

3.       What is the “Focus Factor”?

4.       How did you use visualization as a teenager? Did it work?

5.       What is the one thing teenage girls do that keeps them from getting what they want in life?

6.       Are teen girls different today than they were when you were in your teens?

7.       What is an “E-vite”?

8.       How are girls affected by social networking sites like MySpace? Does it increase the amount of gossip girls get involved in?

9.       Click! advises girls to “see” what they want to achieve before they achieve it. Is it that simple?

10.   What are some of your teen experiences that you drew upon to write Click!?


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