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Click! may be new, but the strategies offered are as old as the hills. (No, not that MTV reality show!)  Today these ideas are everywhere and can even be found in the lyrics of your favorite songs by artists like Justin Timberlake, Natasha Bedingfield, Carrie Underwood, Fergie, Ludacris and even the Spice Girls. The original prom queen, Cinderella, even used a couple of them herself...once upon a time, a long time ago. Read an excerpt from Click! below to see how Cinderella found her Prince Charming.


Excerpt One:

One of the great pioneers of making the feel good strategy work was Cinderella. Now we have no proof that this is a true story, but it’s been told so often that it might as well be. Cinderella was living the life of the eternally spilled coffee. Her parents were dead, her step monster was just that, and her step sisters were a couple of first class bitches. She was their slave, living in pure injustice with nearly no control of her circumstances. Most anyone in this situation would be clicking Send on: Life sucks, I am trapped, there is no way out and (a personal favorite) THIS IS SO UNFAIR!  RSVP: Yes.


But Cinderella took hold of what she could control which were her thoughts and her energy. She sang while she scrubbed the floors, chatted with her bird friends while she poured the tea. She really made the best of the worst possible situation. She was clear and sure about what she wanted and was focused on where she wanted to be, not on where she was. You might remember the song she sings as she visualizes her dream. It wasn’t Someday My Life Wont Suck So Bad. Or even Someday Those Bitches Will Get Theirs. It was an assured affirmation, sang with excitement: Someday My Prince Will Come. By the time she was done singing this song, and imagining herself dancing at the palace she could feel it. Her imagination had brought the energy of that experience into her life. She’s even a bit surprised when she opens her eyes and finds that she’s in her crappy little attic room dressed in last season’s rags. She has sent the clearest possible E-vite. RSVP: Yes.


Excerpt Two:

Now that you’ve set the stage with all your “feeling good” strategies, make sure your actions match your goals. Let’s revisit our old friend Cinderella. What if this had happened:


As the coach pulls away from the house, Cinderella kicks off her glass slippers and notices a blister forming on her heel already. Never one for high heels, (let alone slippery, unforgiving glass stilettos), she nervously ponders how she can take a step let alone do a box step. Hmmm. There is a flask of something in the pocket of the door, and Cinderella thinks why not…maybe just one sip will calm my nerves. Isn’t that what people do pre- Ball anyway?  Cinderella has never had a drop of alcohol before, but feeling a little anxious and in a festive mood, she decides…why not? (Note to parents… there is no drinking age in Happily Ever After-land).


Alas, by the time she arrives at the palace, Cinderella is stretched out in the back of the coach, feeling dizzy and nauseous. Instead of meeting the prince, she barely makes it to the palace toilette, before throwing up all over her gown . Barely remembering the royal flush, she passes out, misses her ride home at midnight and ends up doing the walk of shame in her bare feet and tattered dress.


Thank goodness this didn’t happen. Cinderella knew enough to keep her eyes on the prize and seized every opportunity to move her dream forward. When the Prince asked her to dance, she said yes. She smiled big and worked those high heels. She chatted with the Prince and curtseyed her way into his heart.


The moral of this story is that you can spend lots of time visualizing your success and setting yourself up to succeed, but if you don’t follow-up your E-vites with the right actions, all your work will go right down the royal toilette.

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